Natural tour 

The Gulf of Patti includes a ranging area from Capo Calavà to Capo Milazzo and It extends for 60 km. In this coastal area there are some municipalities such as Gioiosa Marea, Patti, Oliveri, Falcone, Furnari, Terme Vigliatore, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Milazzo.
The historical and cultural elements of the cities included in the territory are significant but, surely, the aspects related to the sea are the most important.
From Tindari, which because of its geographical position has always played a major strategic role of control of shipping routes, you can admire an interesting system of dunes dotted with salt ponds, the Marinello's Lagoons, covering an area of ​​about 400 hectares declared nature reserve, where live 57 different plant species, some of which grow only in this area. The particular natural habitat is a perfect resting place for migratory birds along the routes between Europe and Africa. The lagoons are home to rare fish and shellfish endangered.
As we proceed towards the town of Patti, coastal landscapes spanning the area between Cape Calavà to the Milazzo peninsula and that also allow a wonderful view of the Aeolian Islands.
Tourists in search of marine sites has only spoiled for choice as the Gulf of Patti offers of shoreline characterized by alternating extensive coasts of fine sand and coast characterized by the presence of gravel and rocks.

The localities that are certainly worth a visit are Marinello's Lagoons and the Bay of St. Anthony.

For lovers of scuba diving, then, They'll be spoiled for choice. Sandy or rocky, a very rich fauna and diverse marine flora will frame even for beginner divers. Some of the main underwater routes are extensively described here.